Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIVA Cash?

VIVA Cash is a mobile wallet that can be used to pay your day to day expenses. VIVA Cash is even simpler than using your physical card, and safer too.

How safe is VIVA Cash?

VIVA Cash payment process is fast, safe and smart, when you add money with your debit card, VIVA Cash doesn’t store your card details as its done through a secured payment gateway regulatory by the CBB. whenever you use VIVA Cash, information is stored only for troubleshooting, fraud prevention, and regulatory purposes.

Where can I use VIVA Cash?

VIVA Cash can be used to pay at supermarket, coffee shops, restaurants, saloons, petrol stations, cold stores and many other places.

What are the benefits for me if I become VIVA Cash customer?

If you become a VIVA Cash customer you would have lots of benefits such as discounts on selected outlets, the latest promotions and one day offers around registered outlets, lower fees, sending international remittance 24X7 while resting at home.

What do I have to do to become VIVA Cash customer?

VIVA Card SIM holders simply downloads VIVA Cash App from either App store or Google Store, installs and then registers themselves.

How can I change my password and PIN?

For Customers: You need to logout from the application and login again in order to change your PIN.

What is the difference between password and PIN?

Password is your password of the account stored remotely. PIN is a device specific easier authentication to not let you enter your long password over and over again. PIN is stored on your local device and could be different if you are using the same account on multiple devices.

What if I forget my username/password?

Merchants: Contact customer service. Customers: There is an option in the application while you are logging in to change your password if you forgot it.

How do I credit my VIVA Cash account?

You can credit your VIVA Cash account using VIVA Cash Kiosks by selecting VIVA Cash top-up.

Am I charged any fee for depositing funds into my VIVA Cash account?

No Fees are charged from the application

What can I do with the funds in my VIVA Cash account?

You can use the funds to pay for any listed services in the application and/or you can pay to our patterning merchants using QR code.

What happens with the money in the VIVA Cash wallet once I carry out transaction?

The money with your authorization through fingerprint or PIN code will be deducted from your account and settled to merchant's account the next day.

Is there any cost for me for using VIVA Cash?

NO, only benefits and convince

What happens if someone steals my phone or if I loose or break it?

All your data is safe with us. You can login to another phone with the OTP verification on your phone number to retrieve your account back.

What happens if I pay to the merchant and they say they didn’t receive the money and don’t give me what I purchased?

Check your history transactions. If your transaction appears in your history, you can ask the merchant to check their history as well to see the successful transaction. This way you can convince the merchant of the transaction. If for any reason the transaction did not happen, it will not show in your history.

What happens if my family didn’t receive money I sent them?

There could be several reasons for this. Contact our customer care to know the exact reason behind the failed remittance transactions.

What is the difference between VIVA Cash and credit or debit cards?

Credit and debit cards are used with physical contact to authorize the payment whereas VIVA Cash can work digitally just with your phone.

How can I take the money out of my VIVA Cash account?

You can get money out of your account by going to an authorized dealer location, VIVA Cash's office or selected ATM machines.

What if I don’t want to be VIVA Cash customer any longer?

If you don’t want to be a VIVA Cash customer get your balance refunded out cash payout outlets or nil your balance and then close your account.

What if I delete the VIVA Cash application of my mobile phone?

All your transactions, balance and other relevant information will be available on our servers. You can reinstall your application again and login with your phone number and password to start using it again at a later stage.

Where can I see my earlier carried out transactions?

Inside "History" section of the website.

How can I know my current balance in VIVA Cash?

Tap on the menu section of the application, it should show you the balance of your account.

What currencies are supported by VIVA Cash?

Currently VIVA Cash supports only Bahraini Dinars (BHD).

How can I complain if any issues faced?

Complaint to VIVA Cash's 24 hours helpline.

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